Our business

Cyfrowy Polsat Group is the largest supplier of integrated multimedia services in Poland. We are the number one player on the pay TV market and one of the leading telecom operators in Poland. We also rank among leading private broadcasters in terms of both audience and advertising market shares. We offer the whole package of multimedia services designed for the entire family: mobile telephony and data transfer services, broadband Internet access in 2G/3G and state-of-the-art LTE technologies, pay TV via satellite, terrestrial and online broadcasting. We already have 5.9 million customers to whom we provide 16.5 million active services (RGUs), 75% of which are contract services.

  • Pay TV

    Pay TV

    Cyfrowy Polsat is the largest pay TV provider in Poland and a leading satellite platform in Europe in terms of the number of customers. 

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  • Telecommunication


    We provide mobile telecommunication services mainly trough Polkomtel, one of the leading mobile operators in Poland.

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  • TV production and broadcasting

    TV production and broadcasting

    Telewizja Polsat is one of Poland’s two leading private television groups in terms of revenue and share in the TV advertising market.

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  • Video online

    Video online

    The IPLA service offered by our Group is the leader of the Polish video online streaming market, both in terms of compatibility with a broad range of terminal devices and in terms of content volume.

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  • Integrated services

    Integrated services

    The Cyfrowy Polsat media and telecommunications group is the leader of the integrated (bundled) multimedia services market in Poland.

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Last updated 03/01/2016