The Group’s customer-oriented activities focus on two key areas: ensuring effective communication and offering products and services that are not only tailored to our subscribers’ needs but also environmentally friendly.

To ensure effective communication, we provide our customers with various means of contact, including:

  • a 24/7 Call Centre support for Plus network users and Cyfrowy Polsat subscribers,
  • Interactive Voice Response for callers, e-mail submissions,
  • account management via the Internet Customer Service Centre,
  • as well as direct meetings with sales attendants at our Customer Service Points across Poland.

24/7 Call Centre support

We organise regular training for customer assistants to acquaint them with current offers as well as with sale and customer support standards with a view to improving our customer relations. We also take care to increase the professional competence of our sales teams, using both the traditional (in-house training) and modern (e-learning platform) tools.

We take a socially responsible approach in offering our products and services. Every set-top box manufactured by Cyfrowy Polsat is equipped with parental controls which enable selective or complete content blocking depending on the age of viewers. As part of Plus network’s children and youth safe access policy, a ‘lock’ feature has been implemented to prevent access to Plus’s adult WAP content.

Last updated 04/08/2015